Nothin’ Much Doin’ Today

Actually, that’s a lie.  That’s the opposite of what is true.  We are so busy, sometimes I think there are two of me to have gotten everything done that I’ve done in the day, but I really could have used four.

What I really mean is there are not any rants I want to go on or rashes to complain about or long, drawn-out stories ending in some kind of punch line to blog about.  I did manage to dreg up a blog post for you anyway, though—just a few things that have made me smile lately  Maybe they’ll do the same for you.  Smile  (Look, they did for that emoticon!)

1. Leo at breakfast, asking, “Can I please have an everybody bagel?” 

2. Watching the presidential debates and Rocco asking, “Is Donald Trump a girl or a boy?”  (We ended up calling him the girl with the orange face the rest of the night.)  Then Trump mentioned warheads and Leo got all excited. “I love those!”  “What??” we all asked.  He explained, “I had the sour ones and I loved them!”

3.  The grocery list Leo brought home from school last week


I thought it was so cute, I let him and his brothers have their own cart at the grocery store and they filled it with everything from Leo’s list.  The next day, Leo brought home a new list:


Nice try there, buddy.  I like how he threw  “sausage” and “eggs” on there just to make the list seem legit.

4.  Volunteering in Rocco’s classroom on a day students were collectively coming up with math problems for the number 23.  Can you tell which one was Rocco’s?


He’s kind of a numbers guy.

5.  This scrapbook page:


6.  Leo on a windy morning, running down the sidewalk and squealing, “Cartwheeling leaf!  Cartwheeling leaf!”  Me and Vincenzo behind him, saying how fun it must be for everything in the world to still be so new to you.

7.  This latte I got in an artsy coffee shop:


8.  This ridiculous hat that Vincenzo somehow rocks every time he wears it:


If computer gaming doesn’t work out for him, maybe he could be a Russian model.

9.  Real life jack-o-lanterns


10.  And finally, these two pictures, in tandem.


Some days—most days, actually–I really, really love my job.

Butternut squash ravioli with fried sage and browned butter sauce
Cheese tortellini with marinara and parmesan
Orange glazed carrots with cilantro
Fresh vegetables
Mini chai cupcakes

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