All the Way Funny

I didn’t plan on my posts to progress this way, but it just sort of happened.  Leo took a bath today and it appears he added a new toy to our collection of bath toys.


The first thing he said was, “MOM, I POOPED IN THE TUB!”  The second thing he said was, “Don’t tell Kevin.  Okay?”

The first thing I did, of course, was tell “Kevin,” who said Leo started calling him “Kevin” yesterday so he started calling him “Kevin” back.  So I guess it was Kevin who pooped in the tub. 

And I’m sorry, Leo, but this was too good to keep to myself so now it is on the Internet and I have, essentially, told ALL the Kevins.

Also, when you got out of the tub and put your shirt on, I told you it was backwards but you insisted it was on the right way.


“See?” you said.  “The big 3 is in front!”


Indeed it is, my friend.  Indeed it is. 

But don’t feel too badly about this—I have a picture of your brother wearing this same shirt seven years ago, and while he got the shirt on correctly, you’ll notice his jeans are on backwards.


And he turned out okay, right?


Whatever my lovely friend, Mrs. D, cooks up!

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