Trying Something New…

Hey guys, it’s me!  I thought it would be fun to update my blog because I want tabs.  I want tabs in the worst way.  So I took the reigns in my hands, I started making some changes, and within two minutes I screwed everything up and can’t go back to how I used to be and also, if you didn’t notice, I still don’t have tabs.

But I do have this super crappy blog post that explains why my blog looks particularly crappy today.  You can thank me later.

That makes my blog the seventh major thing I broke recently.  I broke my laptop, my I-Phone screen, my glasses (technically lost, not broken), my car when I backed out of the garage with the trunk open, my brand new Canon 80D camera, plus I broke out in a very persistent rash.

At the rate I’m going, I might just break the whole bloody Internet.  Kim Kardashian couldn’t do it, but MrsMouthy probably can.

Pizza.  4 out of our 6 meals this weekend were pizza, in fact.  We go to way too many birthday parties.

*Good news!  Camera wasn’t broken; just in video mode. 


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