Dear Summer, Don’t Go

It’s our last week before school starts, and I know that as the mom of three boys I’m supposed to be desperately excited for that but I’m not.  Something must be wrong with me!  Summer and the boys have not made me crazy this year, except for making me half-seriously consider home schooling for the rest of the boys’ lives, so I guess, yeah, I’m crazy.

I’m going to miss mornings of watching Vincenzo make waffles and messing up all the steps (and all the kitchen).  I’m going to miss staying up way too late because the boys don’t want me to stop reading to them.  I’m going to miss our weekly schedule of beach dates, park dates, play dates, and museum dates.  I’m going to miss weekends free enough to actually even go on date dates.  I’m going to miss the nights I realize I accidentally cooked for 20 people instead of 5 and inviting friends or neighbors over at the last minute.  During the school year, every minute feels like a “last minute,” and all of them are already full.

In an attempt to hang onto summer a little bit and beg it to stay longer or at least to leave me with an old sweater to remember it by, here are some scenes from our summer 2016.

We spent a fair amount of the summer at our favorite beach, digging holes and making islands, carving canals and doing some basic civil engineering.


The boys spent five minutes at the Science Center standing at still as this, trying to get a butterfly to land on them.


Then my friend casually walked past them and…


Of course, the boys fought a bit.


And there were days when they got a little wound up.*


So we got their energy out at a bunch of parks.




On rainy days the kids played inside.


Then I’d tell them to clean it all up—put everything in a box!  They took me quite seriously.


Just to teach them a lesson, I’d make them wash the windows.


For cheap thrills I’d stick the boys on the deck with a bucket of water, a little soap, and three straws.


On other days we climbed trees.


We also hugged trees (these particular ones were at a Lego art exhibit).


The chickens felt left out, so…


Leo missed a lot of naptimes, driving brothers to camps or driving home from museums. 


Or maybe he didn’t miss a lot of naps.

We did science.


We practiced “safe touching” at the aquarium’s touching pool.


Some days we just  fit in.


Some days we didn’t.


The boys had 6 weeks of swim lessons and still managed to look awkward in the pool.


We went to the zoo with my new neighbor and realized her little monkey was born this exact day as this other little monkey (okay, technically an ape in the left photo and a monkey on the right):


We loved watching the birds enjoy our new bird feeder:


We said goodbye to Vincenzo’s Korean friend, who moved back home.  (His Korean friend is the one on the right—I know it’s hard to tell in this picture.)


We harvested enough from our garden to make an entire side dish!


We juggled with Poppy in the park.


We blew a few things up.


And we celebrated my parents’ 50th anniversary. 


It feels weird to throw this in as just one picture at the end of my post, but I don’t feel like asking 70 of my parents’ closest friends/family for permission to post their pictures on my blog.  Just know that it was a wonderful afternoon of catching up with our grade school friends’ parents, former teachers, and relatives we often only see at Christmas; seeing my parents so happy and comfortable among their lifelong friends; hearing stories retold from their wedding day; and trying to avoid that one crazy family member who always shows up at these things.



So, Summer, thank you for being just what you were this year.  A little of this, a lot of that, and never too much of anything.  See you next June!

Beef bulgogi in lettuce wraps
Brown rice
Green beans in ginger and soy sauce
Strawberry rhubarb crisp

*After these spin-outs the kids always sit or walk around holding their stomachs, saying they feel sick.  This year one kid took it a step further and puked all over the patio.  It was awesome!!

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