Little funnies

1. Leo: Dad?
Me: Daddy’s downstairs.
Leo: Ugh!  I wasn’t asking you!


Leo, from the backseat of the car: ATAT phone home!

(He perfectly mixed up two classic 80s movies there.)

3.  A text Kevin sent me from the boys’ gym:


We made too many jokes about buying a new Leo, though, and now our current Leo gets really mad when we talk about it—even though we could have had a Mondor Brand Leo.

4. Rocco, coming home after a weekend at his grandparents’: Why is it so clean here?

5. A text I sent to Kevin when I was baking bread, with the caption Thinking of you…


6. Rocco, on a walk outside, bent down to pick this up:


Rocco: Here’s a silk flower I found on the ground for you, Mom!
Me, taking it: Oh, it’s beautiful.  Thank you so much!
Rocco: It had a little slug on it but I wiped it off for you.

Sorry for the lack of representation from Vincenzo here but he has been gone at camp for a week.  We talk about him like he’s dead.  “Vincenzo would have really loved the steak tonight…” or, “Remember how Vincenzo used to always dig holes for you at the beach?”

Sticky finger beef kabobs
Purple and white mashed potatoes
Roasted asparagus
Peaches and ice cream

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