Overnight Camp Gifts

I’m sending V off to overnight camp for his first time next Saturday, but I can’t let him go seven days without being messed with and/or spoiled by his mom a little.  I packed up a few gifts for him, one to open each day.  I remember my mom tucking little presents into our luggage when we went to camp and it just felt like a hug to open each one, and no matter how much fun camp was, I always needed that little hug from Mom.

So here they are, seven hugs from me to Vincenzo—some fun, some silly, some embarrassing, and all given with love.


And inside…


I stuck a note in with the gift telling him to ask the Magic 8 Ball if his brothers missed him yet.


The card explains that sorry, I ran out of teal wrapping paper (which was true), and I did have blue but for some reason I wrapped it in pink.  And when he unwraps it…


And underneath that layer…


Vincenzo actually saw this gift last week in the pile of gifts that I had carelessly left on the counter and had asked me what it was and could he play it?  I put a kitchen towel over the stack of gifts and told him he had never seen it.


4 packs of these bad boys, for sharing:




Open it up and…


Unfortunately, the pairs of underwear I bought are plain old plaid because that’s what Fred Meyer had, but I totally would have gotten something like this if I had the time.  There is also a pair of socks and a note reminding him to change his socks and undies every day, plus a note from me saying I envision his cabinmates gathered around him as he unwraps a set of underwear and him totally embarrassed.  Knowing V, he’ll probably just quietly open it in his bed one morning in a completely non-embarrassing way, but a Mom can dream, can’t she?




I bought a set of these from Oriental Trading years ago and since then they have been baked into popovers, dropped into glasses of milk, snuck into sandwiches in the kids’ lunches, hidden on pillows, placed on shoulders…these bugs are our go-to practical joke.  Everyone with young children should have their own set of plastic bugs!




(Air not included)



I hope this one is legal; we’re not supposed to send food with the campers, but as long as they don’t swallow it, it’s not food.  Right?

I had so much fun plotting and planning for all this.  The wrapping and messaging took a lot longer than I thought it would and left me wondering if it was fun to do once but now I’ll feel obligated to do it every year and come to totally dread it.*

Maybe.  But isn’t that how pretty much how everything goes when you’re raising kids?

Leftover smorgasbord, including…
Spaghetti & meatballs
Chicken noodle soup
Freshly baked bread
Roasted asparagus
Rootbeer floats

*Of course, I can cut two hours out of the planning process by not blogging about it, but then what would be the point?!

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