Rocco, Age 7

About two years ago Rocco declared he only likes nonfiction.  He spent his first weeks of this summer reading a book called, “1,000 Amazing Facts About the World” or something like that, and so it is only appropriate that for his 7th birthday blog post, I stick to the facts and nothing but the facts, thank you ma’am.  So here it is, Rocco Age 7, in a list that is as nonfiction as MrsMouthy is able to get.


1. The month before his birthday, when people asked his age Rocco would say, “6 and 11/12.”

2. The week before his birthday, he’d try to tell people he was “6 and 51/52” but it always came out wrong, like “six and fifty-three fifty-oneths?”

3. The first thing he wanted to do when he woke up on his birthday was to get measured.


4. He knows what 12×12 is.

5. He wants to marry his best friend, Cole.

6. Fortunately for Rocco, we live in Washington State, so that is perfectly legal.

7. Unfortunately for Rocco, I’m pretty sure he’s straight.

8.  Then again, he and Cole do have brunch together an awful a lot so…



9. He puts his R2D2 pajamas on backwards every night. “Rocco, your shirt is on backwards.” “Oh!” or, “Rocco, your pants are on backwards.” “Oh!” or, “Bad news, Rocco. Both your shirt and your pants are on backwards.” “Oh!”

10. His voice is always cranked up to 11.

11. That came in handy when a crowd of us was playing BINGO with Great Grandpa and Rocco was calling the numbers out. No matter how loud we all got, we could still always hear the numbers. BINGO calling may be Rocco’s true calling.

12. He’s a Lego maniac.


13. He loves his mama and is always bringing me things he’s made. His latest gift was this “dipper thing for when you serve food.” I call it Ladle.


14. He wants to be a boat builder when he grows up. He told me to write that in the kids’ journal in case he forgets.

15. He builds a giant boat out of Legos, then comes to us, wonky boat in hand, and says, “I feel a little dirty. I think I should take a bath,” which is code for, “I really want to see if this boat floats, the only way for me to do this is to get naked and get in the tub with it for a couple hours.” Then he sits in the tub for a couple hours with his boat.


16. If he gets hurt so badly that he cries, within seconds he finds something to laugh about and he turns the cry into a cry-laugh and then into a laugh-laugh.

17. He has not been bored for even a second of his life. Rocco is always busy thinking of ideas and then making his ideas come to life.

18. He wants to end homelessness by having us all share our houses with the homeless.

19. He is one of the most forgiving, generous, curious, persistent, kind, and confident people I have ever known.

20. He rarely accepts “no” for an answer outright, which can be very frustrating for his parents at times, so they have to be firm with him.

21. Because of this, I make sure to tell him I am so proud of him and his beautiful, inquisitive, problem-solving mind.

22. He wants to know what “inquisitive” means.

23. I tell him it means I love him.


I never know what he’s going to do next but I know it is going to be surprising, creative, imaginative, messy, and above all, loud. 

That’s just how the Taco Man rolls.


He’s such an independent and strong-willed sucker, it’s hard to imagine there was ever a time he was tiny and helpless, but here is some nonfiction proof that he was.


Rocco Taco, I love you to the moon and back, and because I know what your next question is going to be, I’ll tell you it’s 477,710 miles. 

But I was speaking hypothetically.

(Going out for dinner, but I had some girlfriends over for lunch)
Southwestern Chicken Salad
Cheese/cracker plate
Fruit platter
Double chocolate zucchini cake
Chocolate pizelles
Pear blackberry tart
Iced youthberry tea
Iced tea with lemon

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