Lucky Number 13

Kevin and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary this week.  “Lucky number 13!” he kept telling everyone, then he’d start crying a little. 

At dinner with the boys last week he prayed, “Lord, thank you for giving me the strength to stay married to this woman for 13 years.”  I balked for only a second before adding, “Yes, and God, please give me the patience and courage it will take to stay married to this man for another 13.”  Our boys are growing up with a very warped idea of how to express their love to someone.

We celebrated our big one-three by heading one city over to the place we got married—it’s our fallback plan when we haven’t planned anything elaborate, and I have to say it’s not bad for a fallback plan.  We stayed at Willows Lodge, in western Washington’s “wine country.”  (Yes, that’s a real thing.)

I always like to make a scrapbook page of our anniversary, so we dressed up and headed out around the premises, hoping that if we looked like we were trying to get a picture of ourselves, someone would offer to take it.  Unfortunately, no one did so we are stuck with a bunch of selfies.

Here we are in front of this really cool tree root:


Here we are in front of a stunning patch of lavendar:


Here we are in a lovely hidden garden on the side of the lodge:


Oh, this was a cool one—a small Zen garden’s stone house in the middle of a pond:


And here we are in the herb garden.  Behind us you can see one post of the gazebo where we got married.


Seriously!  We even stopped a few times to offer to take other couples’ pictures along the way when they were struggling with selfies, but no one offered to take ours and, well, we’re just too shy to ask someone to take our picture.  (Written tongue in cheek.)

Then I found a spot where we could set the camera down and use the self-timer:


Whatever.  So instead I decided to just get a nice shot of Kevin.  How about over there, in front of that garden with the cute little wheelbarrow?



After 13 years, I should have expected that.

Before we left for home after our grueling 24 hour selfie-marathon, I wanted to take a picture of the view from our room, to remember it by.


Beautiful.  But we felt that it needed a little something…


That’s it.  Perfect!

Yogurt parfaits
(i.e. I’m still too stuffed from a weekend eating things like salmon with pea pistou and parmesan cream, paprika grits, egg yolk ravioli, crème brulee, candied pecan brioche french toast, eggs benedict over crab, etc. to even think much more about food!)


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