Seabrook II

The only thing I didn’t like about our vacation was how cold and misty it was.  It was 75 degrees for the entire ride there, then as soon as we saw the Seabrook sign the temperature dropped 15 degrees and the fog came in.  It was a little like I imagine the drive to Azkaban would be, for any Potterheads out there.


I was cold all week.  This picture of my niece really captured my inner soul.

JJ's in the zone

Fortunately, a little corner of the vacation house’s backyard had just the thing my inner soul needed.

2016-06-27 2016-06-27 002 048

Once warmed up, we pretended the mist was gone and filled up a couple buckets of water balloons.  No one was safe.  Here my sister and her son innocently wave to us from the deck while below the boys discuss the best way to lob a water balloon up and nail them both.


(We’re so good at pretending, the sky actually looks blue in that picture!)

Life’s full of tough choices, ain’t it?


Eventually the kids had had enough of being hit by water balloons, and they started hitting back.


When it was time to head home, we all did our part to drink up everything left in the fridge so it wouldn’t go to waste.


Once the picture was taken, we made the picture taker do her part to drink something from the fridge.


(For reasons hard to explain, we ended up with 13 dozen eggs to go through in our five day stay.)

That’s about all I’m able to explain from our week of crazy togetherness.  The rest of the hilarity has slipped into that alternate reality of inside jokes and is virtually nonexistent to our world, until someone from our family says, “I think Chris should draw a card…” and we all hit the floor laughing.*

Now we’re back home and I am so happy to be in my own place again with my boys to myself in our quiet house, and on the other hand I am so sad that our week of being one big, giant family sharing everything from beach towels to parenting is over.


But as they say, you can’t jump in…


…without getting all wet.

(Is that a saying?  It should be.)

Going to a friend’s tonight

*That one’s for you, Michelle!

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