Last week we went on vacation week with my whole side of the family—all four siblings, two parents, and 10.5 grandkids.  (Congrats, BoxerChick!)

My SIL wanted us to take pictures of our journey for the photo book she always makes of our family vacation.


I realize now that my family doesn’t know how to do “normal” anymore.

We vacationed in the town of Seabrook, WA.  My BIL made the comment that the town felt a little Truman Show-ish.  Main street consisted of about five charming little stores that looked like they had been built a hundred years ago but also looked like they had been built last year.  You didn’t know if you were in a charming, antiquated town in the early 1900s…


…or the scene of a movie set in the early 2000s.


(Both pictures are of the same buildings/street, in case you couldn’t tell.)

Everyone you ran into greeted you like they had known you forever.  And when we went to the beach, it definitely felt like if we headed out in a boat we were going to reach the edge of the stage bubble.


But it turns out we really enjoy being unknowing actors in someone else’s TV show, and we had a lovely week of walking to the beach, the park, the pool, the ice cream store, then waking up and doing it all again the next day.

We spent a lot of time throwing things at the kids like balls, pillows, water balloons, and their favorite: marshmallows.  Things got a little T-Rexy pretty quickly.


Voiceover: Finally, after hours of failed attempts, the T-Rex catches its prey…


…but the marshmallow uses its natural defenses to make a quick escape.  The mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex will have to find its dinner somewhere else tonight.


Leo was really feelin’ it in his swim trunks.  In case any of you have ever wondered what Mr. Mouthy looks like with his shirt off, it’s pretty much just like this only much hairier:


Always a favorite hot tub activity: using the bubbles from other people’s body oils to create your own faux facial hair:


Halfway through the week we drove “off set” to Ocean Shores, which my nephew kept referring to as “Open Sores.”  You know..that cute little town on the Pusific ocean? 

Ha!  I should have been a dad, I am so good at Dad jokes!  And speaking of dads, my own proved a force to be reckoned with at the Go-Kart arena:


But the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, now, does it?


That’s all for now, but once I get my hands on the pictures everyone else took I’m sure I’ll have more to make fun of.

And now, a quick word from our sponsors…


Still deciding between…
Grilled chicken with orange tamarind glaze  -or-  Chicken noodle soup  -or-  Pasta carbonara


Salad (our garden produced six leaves of lettuce this week!!)
Brownies with caramel cheesecake swirl for dessert

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