That’s Leo

The world according to Leo is a little different than it is for the rest of us.  This, for example, is a Chinese froyo:


And this is his favorite blanklit:


This is his favorite hat:


And this is how I found him before bedtime last night:


(Weird picture, right?!)

When he counts to 20, he always remembers to say both the fourteens (12…14…14…15…16…). 

He has not eaten dinner for two months now.  I don’t know what dinner ever did to him, but he is not anywhere near forgiving it.

He sometimes pretends to be an owl or a cat or a fly or a turtle, and when he does he refers to himself in the third person, in a voice even higher and squeakier than his everyday high and squeaky voice.  “The turtle doesn’t want to eat dinner tonight.” 

He most often pretends to be one of these animals during clean-up time.  He insists he is a roly poly and doesn’t have arms and therefore he cannot  carry that battle ax upstairs to his room.


Fortunately, he is still afraid of the number three so all I have to do is say one…two…and like magic, the roly poly somehow gets that battle ax to its room.

This is Leo undoubtedly beating his Great Grandpa at a game of War (the kid has an unhealthy amount of luck when it comes to War):


This is how he looks when we put him in the pool:


These are his skilts:


These are protons.  He eats them by the bucket.  But not if they’re for dinner:


Leo is one wacky and whacky kid.  One wild, imaginative, never bored, unapologetic kid who will bite your head off then cry because it made him angry that your head came off, and you will end up hugging him and telling him it’s okay, you didn’t really even need your head all that much, and besides, you love him anyway. 


He’ll tell you he loves you anyway, too.


Going out tonight, so I’ll tell you some of the things I baked this week instead:

2 lemon meringue pies
1 batch of chocolate salted caramel cupcakes
Chocolate-dipped granola bars (Pioneer Woman’s recipe)
Chocolate chip cookies
PB&J breakfast muffins (sooooo good)

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