We spent last weekend at McStreamy’s cabin on the coast and even though my kids have been to the beach at least 100 times before, they could not stop talking about this trip.  It was kind of wild—their cabin is right near the beach and when the tide is in, the water comes right up to the bottom of their stairs that go down to the beach, then when it’s low tide it goes out for maybe half a mile.  It does all this in about two hours, so we got to walk on sand that was under 30 feet of water just hours before.  We saw so many kinds of creatures we never knew existed.


(Some of these sea creatures, like this guy here, were having a very bad day.)

I’m not much for picking up crawly and/or slimy things, especially when the crawly and/or slimy things have claws and especially especially when McStreamy tells me, “If this one were full grown, it could chop your finger off with one of its claws.”   These finger-chopping crabs and whatnots would emerge from the kelp beds that we had to walk through to get to the ocean.  No one else seemed to mind that they might step on one at any minute, but I went straight into “Hail Mary” mode when I was walking through the kelp.  Every step felt like a dare.  I made it through the weekend with all 20 toes, so I’d like to give a shout out to the Blessed Virgin.

Fortunately for me and my kids, the McStreamys are fine with picking up sea creatures and they taught the kids how to do so as well.  The boys loved flipping a crab over and telling if it was a boy or a girl, and when they went to school the next day apparently they taught all their friends how to sex crabs.

(What?!  That’s what it’s called!)

There was this little river on the shore that started up as the tide went out, and all sorts of sea things would spend a few hours crawling out of the kelp beds and floating down the stream to the ocean.  The boys started collecting empty clam shells, then catching the crabs and racing them down to the ocean in their “boats.”


Rocco spent hours doing this and imagining his tiny crabs on their shell boats, partying far out in the ocean, until Spawn of McStreamy (who will henceforth be known as Fruit Bat) showed him where all the shells had crash landed ten feet before making it to the ocean.  Rocco was too disheartened to race them after that.

Vincenzo organized a work crew to build a dam to try to stop the river from making it to the ocean.  It doesn’t look like much, but the picture below represents two solid hours of work!


Anyway, the weekend was a crazy fun and I’m glad I have friends with such good connections to the sea and such little regard for their own fingers and toes.  (Seriously, Mr. McStreamy got bitten by a shark he was trying to catch during a past visit to the ocean.)

And now, more pix!


We’re going out, and we’re going Greek!

3 thoughts on “Beached

  1. Thank you for risking your toes so we could all enjoy an awesome beach weekend together!

  2. I just reread this and realized I wrote that I have 20 toes, so I was going to go change it but I can’t stop giggling at the thought of my 20-toed feet, so I think I will leave it and let you all go on thinking whatever you want about my feet and/or my sanity.

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