Baby C Photoshoot

I got my hands on a baby this week and I am one of those people who knows exactly to do with a baby when one gets with in range.  I shoot it.

With my camera people, with my camera!  What did you think I meant?!

I met Baby C’s mom the day before she delivered him and I promise you, that’s not the reason I introduced myself to her.  Really, it’s not!  She is just one of those people you instantly pour your heart out to, and she shares hers back with you, and even though our friendship is as brand new as this perfect baby of hers, it is also growing just as fast and it, too, feels like a precious gift.  How did I get so lucky?

But you’re really here to see baby pix, right?  I have to say, Baby C’s older brother was quite a ham, on and off the camera, so he gets a fair share of the airspace today.


(I did get a nice smiling shot of the family, too, but this one trumped it.)

While you’re here, I want to point out the amazing incredibleness of my younger sister, who knit the hat, diaper cover, and “baby condom” (her term, not mine) seen above in the pictures.  I sent her a picture at 9AM on Friday, asking if she could make something and she showed up at my house a couple hours later with a prototype.  She might be crazier than me!

Clean-out-the-fridge night, starring…
Biscuits & gravy
Greek salad
Corn on the cob
3 pieces of bacon
11 pounds of strawberries (we went strawberry picking today and I went a little overboard.)

(Guess I’m still the crazy one.)

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