More Surprises

Okay, I thought yesterday had a fair share of surprises in it, but today had it topped already by 8AM.  I had gone for a bike ride on the trail behind my house and was bringing my bike up the ravine that is our backyard.  I stopped to see what kind of damage the deer have done to my plants lately and as I stood there I felt and heard a big THWAP right square on top of my head.  I yelled, “OW!” and looked up to see which kid had thrown a brick at me, but there were no kids.  In the same split second I wondered if the tree had just dropped a branch on my head. 

But no, those things make sense, and what I saw when I looked down made much less sense.

It was a squirrel, staring up at me with liquidy black “OH CRAP” eyes, and in a flash it ran up the tree it had just fallen out of.

I couldn’t get a picture of the squirrel in that millisecond, but I found a picture on the Internet of about how that squirrel looked:


I keep thanking my lucky acorns I hadn’t taken off my bike helmet yet because if I had, that squirrel would have knocked me completely out and eventually someone would have found me sprawled out on the patio with a slightly bloody ear and no one would ever have correctly guessed what had happened.  Because honestly, how could they?


(Right in the tree above me was a squirrel, licking my blood off its little paws and wondering how it was ever going to blog about this.)

It’s been a fun day, needless to say.  I sent the boys to school saying, “Stay safe—there are a lot of squirrels out there today!”  When they came home from school and I suggested they put their helmets on and go play in the back yard.  I sat next to Kevin on the couch then got up again, saying, “I just can’t sit here right now.  I’m feeling a bit squirrely.”  I am looking into getting one of these signs printed for our house:


If this blog post sounds a little nuts to you, it probably is. 

I’ve just never been the same since I got hit in the head by a squirrel.

Top sirloin steak with peperonata
Roasted potatoes
Chocolate pudding cake

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