One of those days

You know those mornings where you have a routine dentist appointment and you walk in and the hygienist says, “It will be a nice quick one and we’ll get you on your way,” and then while she’s cleaning one of your teeth a filling falls out and so next thing you know you are getting numbed up to have said filling replaced and then while the filling is getting replaced your bridge falls out and the dentist starts sweating a bit and saying, “Wow, that’s a lot of decay in there,” and then by the end of the appointment you are signed up to return and get two teeth implants and a crown, and when you text your husband that your bridge fell out and now you need implants, instead of being sympathetic all he texts back is an overly excited, “What size implants u thinking?!”

Yeah, me too.

I hate surprise filling days.

Orange tamarind salmon
Teriyaki chicken
Brown rice
Salad (my usual)
Roasted asparagus with dill
Banana cream pie
Chocolate pie

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