Mother’s Day Swag

Like I didn’t think he would, Kevin totally pulled off the perfect Mother’s Day for me.  He started by making me a recipe from the “Posh Toast” book my MIL got me for my birthday (thanks, MIL!).


I’m not even sure what all was on it—some kind of tahini paste he made, avocado, roasted chickpeas, onion, and edible flowers—I ate every crumb!

Then Kevin sent me on a treasure hunt to find the chocolates he and Leo hid.  I found lots of chocolate in the house (like in the boys’ Halloween stashes, in the pantry, in the chocolate chips container) but none of it was the right chocolate.  I became convinced it was in Leo’s room but just didn’t have a clue where to start looking…


My favorite gift of the day was that Kevin had each of my boys call me on Mother’s Day, since he knows I worry that once they move out of the house they will completely forget to call me on Mother’s Day because, I’m told, guys just don’t think of stuff like that.  Vincenzo called me from my bedroom while I was eating breakfast, Rocco called me from my parents’ yard while I was helping cook dinner, and Leo called me from his bedroom after lights out.  I loved it.

Onto the funnier of the gifts: Rocco brought home a whole packet of Mother’s Day swag for me.  I learned that this is how smart he thinks I am:


Translation: My Mother is as smart as an ape.  It’s killing me that “mother” is capitalized, but what do apes with master’s degrees like me know about grammar?

The next page:


Translation: My Mother is as cool as One Direction (the picture Rocco drew shows he clearly has no idea what One Direction is.  Maybe…is it the black box they look for when an airplane crashes?).

Rocco also gave me a coupon book with coupons like this inside:


I am thinking of saving this and then cashing it in at a really awkward time, like at his middle school graduation or his wedding.  Watch me–I’ll do it!

This sheet was also in his packet, and he tried to take it back saying it was his but I was determined to get all the sounds right first. 


I did pretty well for someone as smart as an ape.

He also made me a coloring sheet.


I think it’s a boat with sleeping quarters on either end, or it might be the bust of a greyhound dog wearing a diamond necklace with a very big clasp on it.

And then the “big gift” was inside this box.  I guessed it was Chinese food.


It wasn’t, but I am looking forward to eating Mongolian beef out of my new pinch pot sometime in the near future.


Rocco also gave me a book about why he loves me.  I got to the last page and he showed me how all the planets were there, and here is the asteroid belt, and here is the continent of Washington, and here is Hurricane Wilma.  I checked; they’re all there!


And then I read the writing and realized I don’t think I need to worry about my boys forgetting me on Mother’s Day.  I think they know what I need more than I do.

Leftovers (again!)
Ham and swiss quiche
Ceviche fish tacos
Fresh pasta
Potato salad
Asian broccoli
Strawberry layer cake

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