I Am Not A Snoop!

Kevin and I had to split up with the boys on Friday night as part of the ongoing craziness off last week—it started with me taking the three boys straight from school to drop Vincenzo off at a birthday party, then taking the other two to their swim lessons where we met Kevin and did the car seat shuffle so he could take Leo to dinner and to pick up Vincenzo from the party while I took Rocco to family dance night.  Ugh.  Craziness. 

One of my friends actually asked me last month, “Are you and Kevin doing okay?  I never see you together anymore…”  I told her we are doing great; we just have come down a very bad case of Having Three Kids that we can’t seem to shake.

Anyway, that’s not why I’m here blogging today.  Here’s why I’m here:

As I tucked Leo into bed that night, I asked him if he had fun hanging out with Daddy for the evening.

Leo: Yes!
Me: What did you do?
Leo: We went to Old McDonald’s and I picked out a table with two spinny chairs and then we hid some chocolate and then I went to bed!
Me: Wait—you hid some chocolate?  Who did you hide chocolate from?
Leo: We hid it from you, Mommy!

It’s just the worst.  I always find Kevin’s presents to me no matter what the holiday (click on it…do it…)—and I swear I am never looking–but it seems really suspicious to Kevin that I just happen to stumble on his stupidly hidden presents and he accuses me of snooping, which is exactly the conclusion he came to yet again.

The moral is: Don’t ask your children too many questions around Mother’s Day weekend.

And the moral for Kevin is: Seriously.  You suck at surprises.  But you are very good at remembering it is Mother’s Day two days before Mother’s Day happens and then making up for having almost forgotten it once again.

Party food at someone else’s house

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