For those significantly less cool than me, that title means “Forty.”

So, as I mentioned before, I turned 40 a little bit ago.  I feel kind of neutral about it.  Kevin says he’s throwing me a party in the summer, so my actual bday itself was quiet and sweet, full of lots of well-wishes and condolences. 

I did get a lot of consolation prizes, too, like my first ever adult purse.


I’ve never been a purse person and am still not, so I am surprised at how many people have noticed and admired my purse now, especially considering it is usually underneath a pile of dirty beach buckets and shovels in the trunk of my car.


I know it’s in there somewhere…

Seriously, I feel like the purse is some kind of celebrity and I’m just its underqualified bodyguard.

I also got a tree for my birthday, and I was so excited about getting this tree that I guess I might be grown up after all.


During my birthday week I helped Leo pick out some dishes for me, to brighten up our glass cabinets in the kitchen.



We’re gettin’ there!


And since I already had my credit card out, I also helped Leo buy me a sweet apron with a chicken on it.  Back home, I sent him and his brothers downstairs to wrap it up so they could surprise me.  Ten minutes later, Leo came running upstairs.

Leo: Mommy!  We wrapped the chicken for you, Mom!  We wrapped the chicken!
Me: Shhh!  It’s supposed to be a surprise.  You’re not supposed to tell me what it is!
Leo: But I didn’t!  I didn’t say “dress!”  You don’t know it’s a chicken dress!

So here I am, cooking breakfast in my new chicken dress.


Minutes later we were all around the breakfast table, eating birthday sprinkle chocolate chip pancakes, and Leo started up this chant:

I say “Old Mc,” you say, “Rachel!”  Old Mc!…

Say it.  I dare you.

Tofu miso “steaks”
Glass noodles with vegetables
Corn on the cob
Fresh fruit

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