Easter Report

The problem with trying to photograph children during an Easter egg hunt: shifty eyes:


And another problem:


That’s a bunch of shifty-eyed, photo bombing kids I’ve got there.  (That bottom picture is one of my favorites and is definitely going in the scrapbook.)

Easter was too fun to try to summarize this year.  All five of “us kids” went to my parents’ house with all ten of their grandkids, and I haven’t laughed so hard since I sat down and read a year’s worth of my own blog.  Ha!

I will share a couple of my favorite memories, though, like on Saturday when we dyed eggs and most of us were finished within 2 to 10 minutes of beginning, but Vincenzo and his uncle spent over an hour dying three specially chosen eggs, dipping them in every color, scratching some of the dye off, mixing colors, and creating brand new colors that would probably be named “brownarrhea” and “blomit.”


Seriously, they decorated these eggs for so long they were no longer safe for consumption—they were very room temp.  Fortunately, we found someone who was happy to take them in.


My other favorite was on Easter afternoon, when Leo was in the living room showing Kevin and Uncle Mark how he can show a “fast ten” by holding up two hands’ worth of fingers super fast.  I thought I heard Kevin tell Leo he could teach him how to do a fast eleven, and sure enough on the way home, Leo piped up from the backseat: “Want to see my fast eleven?  But first I’m going to have to take my pants off…”

I snapped this little gem on Easter evening, after a long weekend of hunting and gathering candy from all over yards, houses, and church parking lots.


He is risen…and now he is lying down in a pile of chocolate, hard-boiled eggs, and plastic grass, and he’s not feeling so great.

My favorite entrée of the year and the one everyone else hates the most:
Baked potatoes and creamed eggs.  YUUUUMMMM!
Roasted broccoli
Fruit salad

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