The Package

Leo likes to play a game where he wraps up in a blanket and yells, “There’s a package!”  I come over and make some guesses about what’s in the package.  I might say, “Oh, I hope it’s that three-foot-long sub sandwich I just ordered…I’m soooo hungry!”  Then I open the package and try to eat him while he yells, “No!  It’s a Leo!”


It’s not always a sandwich, though.  Sometimes I might guess he’s a bunny rabbit who thinks he’s a dog and I’ll ask him if he’d prefer carrots or dog biscuits for his snack.  Or maybe I’ll guess that that he’s the new mattress I ordered, or a punching bag that I am very excited to try out.  A new jacket that screams every time you try to wear it, a Tickle Me Elmo that screams instead of laughing when you tickle it, a beach ball that screams when you try to throw it…you get the idea.

Sometimes when I hear the “There’s a package!” call I yell down the hall to Kevin, “Hey, did you order anything?”  “Nope,” he yells back.  I tell him we must have gotten the neighbor’s package again so Kevin comes and tries to take the package over to the neighbor’s house, but the package opens itself and yells out that it’s a Leo.  It seems the game always ends with yelling.  In fact, yelling pretty much signals the end of anything in our house—board games, bath time, pooping, dinnertime, you name it.  But that’s beside the point.

Anyway, yesterday when a package showed up on our couch wrapped up in a snuggie, I went over there hoping the package was a snuggie because I could really use a nap.  I was so excited–it was a snuggie, but there was also a Leo inside.  Who would have thought?  I said, “Wow, a new Leo!  We already have one, but I guess we can keep this one in case the first one ever breaks.”  He tried to tell me he was the first Leo.  I told him no, no, I’m sure the first Leo is downstairs collecting all our pillows and bringing them upstairs so that he can avoid walking in the lava. 


I told the new Leo he should go down and look for the other Leo because he was really going to like our first Leo.  He told me again that it was him, our only Leo, but he didn’t sound as confident this time.  I told him that the first Leo would be easy to find—he was also wearing a blue shirt, red underwear, and sporting a “third lip” from licking his upper lip too much.


That got him, the sucker.  Leo actually went downstairs and spent a good amount of time looking for himself.

And that, my friends, is how it’s DONE.

Fried chicken
Mac ‘n cheese
Lemon asparagus
Sugar cookies

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