Return to Earth

We are getting some landscaping done so the outside of the house can match the inside of the house, and the guys accidentally cut our fiber optics wire.  I have been empathizing with these two characters from Dr. Seuss all week:


Fortunately we are back on-line today and feeling like we have returned to planet Earth.

Oh, what?  We had to rejoin on Valentine’s Day of all days?  Blargh, why couldn’t it have been President’s Day instead?  I hear roses sell real cheap on President’s Day.

Well, when on Earth, do as the Earthlings do.




(This was my attempt to get Leo to whisper something to Vincenzo.  Clearly my boys have no secrets.)



Leo wants to wish everyone a “Happy Walentine’s Day” and Rocco wants to say, “That’s not how you say it…it’s Valenstimes Day!”  Vincenzo is able to pronounce it correctly only because it contains no R’s.

Anyway, happy Whatever.  (Or as Vincenzo would say, “Happy Whatevah.”)

Sushi (thanks, Kevin and Ryno!)
Miso soup
Peanuts (because they happened to be on the table)
Rice candy

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