Oh, Kids.

I couldn’t really theme up today’s blog post; it’s really just a bunch of long-winded randoms.  I guess the theme is  Oh, Kids—you know, in the same way everyone loves to say, Oh, Florida.  Let’s get right into it.

This was last week’s church hand-out. 


You might think by the “IDK” that nothing came to mind when Vincenzo thought of Jesus’ baptism.  But turn the paper over and  you’ll see he was flooded with imagery and ideas.


Nukes.  Jesus’ baptism reminds Vincenzo of nukes—truckloads of nukes!

I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume each of these nukes is carefully loaded up with explosive amounts of the holy spirit.

Speaking of baptisms, last night I was sitting with Leo, who was taking a bath.  (See how I did that there?!)  He was sitting in the tub with one foot out, a plastic drumstick in between his toes for whatever reason, when Kevin walked in the bathroom.  Leo just slightly angled his foot to aim the drumstick at Kevin and…”BANG!  BANG!”  He pretend killed his father with a plastic drumstick shot from between two of his toes.

I swear, I could give my boys a page from Ghandi’s diary and the first thing they would do would be to shoot me with it.

Oh, Kids.

Awhile back Vincenzo was studying music flashcards and I told him to divide them into two piles: one pile that he has mastered and one that he is still learning, and to label them as such.  He came to me and proudly showed me his stacks.


I just shook my head at him, flipped the piles around, and walked away.


Oh, Kids.

Awhile later he was playing piano to his friends over Skype: “The next song is by some guy named Beetlehooven.” 

Do you think it’s time to get him a new piano teacher?*

So Rocco has had this thing for a couple years where he doesn’t like trains with faces, like the Thomas the Train sort.  Leo, however, has no problem with trains with faces.  This causes problems sometimes, like when Rocco builds a track and Leo tries running his facey trains on them.  On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, of all days, Rocco excitedly called me downstairs to tell me he had solved the problem: he built Leo his own track to run trains on.  Rocco’s tracks ran all over the basement and under some chairs, and they circled the couch twice.  Leo’s track consisted of six curved pieces that went in a small oval. 

Oh, Kids.  You know how they can be, reinventing segregation and stuff.

And I leave you with this final conversation, which you should definitely picture as a Family Circus comic:

Rocco: Leo, will you pass me the blueberries?
Leo: I can’t!  My arms are too short!

Breakfast torta (leftover)
Raw vegetables
Raw fruit

*I am his piano teacher.
**You try watching Kung Fu Panda III and not have major cravings for dumplings afterwards

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