I feel like I’m always giving you updates about the kids on my blog but not much about me.  So today, I present MrsMouthy’s spotlight on…MrsMouthy!!



Where to start, where to start?  People always love stories about ailments and injuries, right?  I’ll start there. 

I’ve been dealing with some torn muscles in my calf for four years now—I’ve been through physical therapy twice, a year of massage therapy, two MRI’s, and the hardest part of all for me: entire months of physical rest (i.e. no running).  Nothing has worked.

A couple weeks ago I had an appointment to get tested for compartment syndrome, which is where you end up with a build-up of blood in some area of your body, such as your calf, and, I enjoy pointing out, in extreme cases it can lead to death.  DEATH, I reminded my mom, as I headed out to my appointment. 

I had to show up to the appointment an hour early so that I could run, jump, and bounce until my leg felt like it was going to explode.  I had been looking forward to that part of the test for weeks—seriously.  I was Prefontaine that day, busting a move all over the stairs and trails around the doctor’s office.  I ran until it felt like one more step would end up with my leg split open and the contents of my calf spilled all over the ground.  I am going to blow that test out of the water!  I thought, as I ran up a flight of stairs for the tenth time.  And the beauty of it is that the cure for compartment syndrome is simple: the doctor will just drain out some of the blood. I wonder what that procedure is like?  Probably leeches—yeah, leeches sounds right.

I was thinking about all this as I literally ran into the doctor’s office  and up the stairs where a nurse was waiting for me and she ran with me down to my room, where the doctor ran out of the room he was in with another patient, then I sat down and he stuck three needles into my leg and checked the pressure of each section. 

And after all that?  After all that it turns out my pressures were all normal and the doctor’s official diagnosis of my problem was a shrug of his shoulders.  He told me the cure, too: “Try stretching and modifying your activities.” 

I walked away—nay, I very painfully and slowly limped away—disappointed.  I’ve never failed at anything before!  Now I know what failure feels like: it feels like your left calf being on fire for a week.


What else, what else about me?  Oh, I know—politics!  Always another big hit at the dinner table.

So there’s this old railroad track behind our house that the city recently bought and turned into a trail.  That’s good! 

But now the city wants to put buses or trains on the trail.  That’s bad. 

I won’t bore you with the details of why that’s bad (the Internet itself doesn’t have enough room for me to list them all), but that’s not the point.  The point is I’ve had to get a little political, which I hate, and I’ve been doing what I can in the community to raise awareness and get this thing stopped before it starts.  A couple weeks ago I kind of got nominated to give a speech at city council, which I didn’t think was that big of a deal until the night before when I woke up every half hour all night with the same dream that I got up to talk at the meeting and didn’t have my speech.  I woke up even crankier than normal, and my cranky level has already been pretty high with all this talk of trains in my back yard.

The night of the city council meeting I walked up to city hall with my speech in hand and Kevin at my side and I turned to him to ask, “Just to check…do I have my speech with me?”  He glanced at me and said, “Yes…but you’re not wearing any pants!”


Okay, so I’ve updated you on my ailments and my political views and I will spare you my religious views, so I guess all that’s left is for me to offer my personal commentary on the weather.  I went to the Internet to get the weather forecast for Seattle the past two months and came up with this:


While all this gray weather has definitely gotten to me, I have the boys thinking that rain is the greatest thing on earth.  They wake up and say, “Yay, rain!”


Yay.  Rain.

Oh well.  At least it’s good napping weather.


Filet mignon with gorgonzola butter
Roasted vegetables
Shortbread hearts dipped in chocolate

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