Finally, the Post You’ve All Been Waiting For!

Okay, I finally got my act together and took some “after” shots of the house.  I’ll probably do it again in a couple weeks because these pictures are cool and they definitely show how our house changed, but they don’t show the details, and there are so many cool details!  Let’s start with the biggie: the full-on shot of the upstairs.



…and after!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Insane, right?!  It’s like one of those weight loss adds that shows the before and after then in the fine print says, “Results shown here are not typical.”  But it really is so!  It’s amazing what four months and six digits can get you.

Okay, I’ll take you through the house in before-and-afters, like you just showed up at my door.   Don’t forget I’m showing you both before and afters, so don’t get confused.

So you drive up to my house and even though I just told you not to get confused, you are confused.  You second-guess yourself: is this even the same house?!  Is it even the same season?!


You ring the doorbell, and you swear you hear it making  “mooo” sound inside.  I don’t answer because I think it’s just the neighborhood cow again, but you come in anyway because you’re like that.



You walk upstairs and think to yourself, “Hm, something’s different.  Did they get a new fridge or something?”



You stop to catch your breath and tell yourself you should go to the gym more often.   Here’s what you see while you’re catching your breath:



Take a seat on the couch because seriously, you really need to go to the gym.  It was only seven stairs and I’m beginning to worry about you.  Anyway, here’s what you see:



You’re feeling a bit more rested, but now you are famished from that walk up that one flight of stairs, so you head to the table to see what kind of cookies MrsMouthy has baked this week.


Take a second to look back at that journey you just walked from the couch.  You really felt like you accomplished something there.


Wonder if MrsMouthy is going to put chairs and a rug there by the windows or if she is going to keep it as an ice skating rink for her boys.

Now look to the right and yell, “HEY WHERE’S MY COOKIE?!”  Be irritated that MrsMouthy is not pulling one out of the oven because clearly you needed a cookie, like two pants sizes ago.


Give up on the cookie and go to fetch yourself a glass of water.  Wonder where all the glasses went—they used to be in these cupboards, and now instead of glasses there’s just…glass!


Confused, dehydrated, and low on sugar, let poor judgment get the better of you and take your best shot at skating on the hardwood floors—if, that is, you are wearing socks.  You are.  Good.  Start at the fireplace…


…get a good running start…






Oops.  You bit it.  Yell out some profanities while rubbing your tail bone.

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off (because there are still copious amounts of dust in our house), and show yourself to the door.  You have given up on MrsMouthy’s hospitality.


Turn the light on, just to see what it looks like.


As you walk to your car, turn back to look at the house and wonder how it got to be so late so quickly.



Go home and wonder if it was all just a dream.  Open up MrsMouthy’s blog to see if she posted anything new, read this post, and realize that…


Nee nee nee nee nee nee nee nee…

Leftovers, such as but not limited to…
Cheese souffle
Chicken breast
Vegetable beef soup
Elbow noodles
Three halves of apples
Bailey’s and white chocolate cheesecake

6 thoughts on “Finally, the Post You’ve All Been Waiting For!

  1. Holy Windows Batman!! I have been waiting freaking forever for this post, so THANK you. Looks amazing, and now I bet everyone expects you to REALLY cook 😉

  2. Looks incredible! Every detail from floors on up to lighting. Congrats.
    I was so surprised to see the exterior work as well- love the new colors

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