Moved In!!

We’re back home!  It is as glorious as I was hoping for, and every time I’m in the kitchen I’m singing or humming or giving the kids a song and dance number using just pots and pans.  It’s nice because now when I’m in the kitchen I’m also in the dining room and living room, as we have no interior walls anymore.  It’s like living in a giant,  insulated, beautiful cardboard box, and I love it!

The house is not finished yet; I estimate that about half of our entire remodel time and cost has gone to trim, as day in and day out various people come to trim and paint trim and then add more trim and paint more trim.  Instead of trimming the tree this year, I guess we are trimming the house.  *courtesy laugh*

I’m not going to give you the full on pictures yet because the place is a disaster and, like I said, it definitely needs more trim before it is picture worthy.  There are a couple sneak peaks here today, though.

The first thing I moved in was all my kitchen stuff because I was so worried about it all fitting in a new space, especially since we lost some storage space to windows and wall removals.  I fretted, I fussed, I had a temper tantrum when my giant tubs of flour, sugar, and chocolate chips wouldn’t fit in a single drawer in the kitchen.  (We opted for drawers instead of cabinets almost everywhere.)  I snapped at Kevin that whole day, stressed out because we have half the drawers we had before.  Our spice cupboard got reduced to dollhouse sized.  I ripped out all my hair and most of Kevin’s trying to make things fit in the new kitchen and finally, thanks to some dark magic we were able to cast on the pantry, I fit everything into the space we have.  It felt like when you’ve spent weeks working on a puzzle and you finally snap in those last three pieces, and voila!

And then that night we Kevin was putting dishes away and he opened a drawer and said, “Hey, you know you still have an empty drawer here, right?”


?????!!!!!  I think that is the first time that sentence has ever been uttered in any language, anywhere.  Can you believe my luck, or my stupidity, or whatever it’s called?  Dumb luck?!

Anyway, Kevin asked me what I wanted to put in that drawer and I said, “Let’s make that entire, deep-spaced drawer something ridiculous.  I want to feel eccentric, like drawer space means nothing to me.  I know!  These silly straws have been driving me crazy.  Here!”


Now I have what every American housewife dreams of: a gigantic drawer full of silly straws.

Anyway, I really should get back to dusting now.  I dusted everything last week, but apparently half of that dust went straight up in the air and has resettled on every last thing in the house, so I’m back to square one.

But first—a sneak peek  via the first pillow fort built in our “new” house:


Chicken stir fry

2 thoughts on “Moved In!!

  1. I have been waiting for this update, so THANK YOU. I think I speak for everyone when I say “show us more pictures, we could give a flying #%£^ about trim not being done!”. The one drawer does look amazeballs though.

  2. The floors look great and love the fireplace. Can’t wait to see how you style it for the holidays.

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