Kind of, Almost, Not Really Home

The remodel is almost done!!  Which means, of course, that it feels like forever until it’s going to be done.

You know when you go on a road trip and you drive eight hours back home, and you finally make it to the cities where you do your shopping, run your errands, where you visit friends, where you spend 90% of your time, and your heart gives a little “Woop woop!” because you are home, HOME!…and then you are still sitting in the car for another half hour through city streets and stoplights and side roads, and that last half hour seems as long as all the other eight hours because you weren’t actually home home yet?

Yeah, that’s how I’m feeling.  There are just a few days of work left on the interior.  Two days, in fact.  All that’s left is some tiling, hanging a couple chandeliers, and installing the appliances.  It’s such a puny amount of time compared to the four months since it all started, but it still feels like an eternity before we’ll get to move back in.

We have a ton of cleaning to do.  There is dust EVERYWHERE.  When I touch anything in the basement my hands get coated in a sticky, gray dust that covers everything.  Blech.  I went into the attic to get some hand-me-downs the other day and even the attic is covered in sawdust.  Don’t even get me started on the garage, where most of the sawing has taken place; I think we just need to toss the garage out along with all the other remodel junk and buy a new one.

Still, we’re almost home.   Dorothy really said it best, didn’t she?  Now bring me my ruby slippers—I’ve got some heel clicking to do!

Homemade mac ‘n cheese
Roasted asparagus
Chocolate brownies with orange frosting

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