Eye of the Hurricane

I have never been in a hurricane before, but I can tell you I know what the eye of it feels like.  It feels like this morning, the first morning in three months when we have not had one or two soccer games to attend, no birthday parties to host or go to, no social engagements of any kind, no meetings about the remodel, no furniture shopping to do.  Nothing.

So what’s it like in the eye of the hurricane? 

Well, we all rolled out of bed whenever our bodies told us to and grabbed the closest available blanket to walk around in.  We sprawled around a deck of cards and played a game of war, cracking up at Leo’s overexcitement each time he won a round.

Kevin helped me put together a playlist of our favorite 80s songs and we are playing that now while our boys clean up their rooms and fight a little bit, reliving our own childhoods for us before our eyes while we drink coffee and turn up the volume to Wham.

Leo put on his sunglasses and chased Kevin around the house with a sword until Kevin finally turned around and clobbered him with his yoga mat.  (Whenever Leo puts on his sunglasses he feels entitled to do and say absolutely anything he feels like.)



We sat around the table eating thick slabs of homemade bread, all of us together (!!).

I gathered all the boys in my bed to read our latest read aloud (The Wheel on the School, an old Newbery winner and one of the sweetest books I’ve ever read).  Vincenzo looked at my nightstand and started giggling and giggling, noticing that I had hijacked his soccer trophy and made it my own.


(It now indicates that “Mamba” (that’s me!) won an award for “Most Hugs Scored 2015.”)

The boys got distracted in their cleaning up and are now playing Legos together, creating storylines and modifying their creations together.  And for once, it doesn’t matter that they are distracted by Legos—they have 48 hours to get their room cleaned instead of a tight little window, rush rush.

And now they are fighting about Legos.  I’ll just turn Meatloaf up a little louder…

And now they are playing video games and not fighting, and I am sitting here blogging and enjoying the fact that we are all doing some of the things that make us happiest right now.

In two weeks, basketball starts up and we will be going through the other side of that hurricane, scheduling and squeezing things in, splitting up for various games and naptimes, eating dinner at 4 because the kids won’t be back again until bedtime, inevitably messing the schedule up a time or two and feeling very wind-whipped.

And I love it. I do!  I wouldn’t have life any other way.  The boys are so happy, our life is so full of family and friends, and we are brimming with laughter.

But man, it is so nice to have a little break from normal for just a weekend or two.

Crab cakes
Roasted asparagus
Israeli couscous with roasted vegetables and feta
Chocolate mint sandwich cookies

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