Full disclosure: the title is the funniest part of this whole post.

What did I used to blog about so much, people?  I used to have to much to say and now…I’m not sure what to say!

I’ve gotten a little political lately, which isn’t fun to blog about.  Like, I got a little interested in the race for a school board director and actually attended a PTSA meeting to hear the candidates speak.  Want a recap?  No.  You don’t.

I’m rallying people in my city to stop the city council from putting buses on our trail.  Want to hear more about the plan to put BRT on the CKC via the ST3?  No.  You don’t want to hear about that either.

The kids haven’t even been doing anything funny lately, unless you think it’s funny when Leo bites Rocco, which I DEFINITELY do not think is funny.  NO BITING.  NO!!

Seriously, the funniest thing that’s happened around here is when Vincenzo went to put brown sugar in his oatmeal and he packed it down on the spoon first because he knows that you always pack brown sugar down when you are baking cookies. 

See?  Even the funny stuff isn’t that funny.

Oh Lord, I am blogging about oatmeal now.  I told you!  I’m out of ideas!  Quick, let me put a picture in.  Surely I have a funny picture or two?


Dear God, that’s a picture of a cheap rug I might buy for under the table.  That’s not funny at all!

A jacket I might buy my kid.  These are not funny!


The dimensions of my new stove??  Come on, MrsMouthy.  Get your game on!


You are waiting for me to drop that one line now that is funnier than all my blogs put together.  You are thinking this was all just a big setup so that I could BAM make you laugh your pants off.

Nope.  Not a setup, just another a picture of some paint chips (yes, that is whipped mint, for those who have been following).


So go home now.  I’ve still got nothing, and now you’ve got nothing, too.  Neiner neiner.

Shrimp scampi
Fresh fruit
Vegetables & hummus
Gingerbread cake (thanks, McStreamy)

4 thoughts on “Blah(g)

  1. I’ve been struggling with the same thing, and end up with photos and posts that read like an itinerary. I miss the internet of ten years ago; pre Facebook, Twitter, and sponsored blogs.

  2. That looks like my carpet. Everyone loves it. Get the thickest pad you can. You will love it too.
    See, this blog was worth it! 😉

  3. Ooh are you thinking of Patagonia down sweater jacket. I splurged (on sale in July) and have loved them. Really warm, not bulky and great colors. Not for rain though!

  4. See, you write about absolutely nothing and the comments start flowing in. I think you’ve finally figured out how the internet works 🙂

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