BOO! (hoo hoo, Halloween’s over)

Scenes from Halloween.  Oh, how I miss you, Halloween!

Halloween breakfast:


Eggs “funny side up,” as the egg mold proclaimed.

The jack-o-lanterns:


A funny face for Leo, a dragon for Vincenzo, and Steve/Herobrine from Minecraft for Rocco.

Halloween cookies, please note their were no shortage of eyes this year:


Then somehow the boys got the idea of hiding candy under the frosting and all the rest of the cookies looked like this:


Awww, look at the cute little cookie is all dressed up for Halloween in its pile of poo costume!

And now for the best part… costumes!

They were convincing…


they were ridiculous…


they were terrifying!


(Leo had decided to be a skeleton because it’s the scariest thing he could think of, and figured if he was the scariest thing on Halloween then nothing else could scare him.)

Oh yes, we can’t forget Kevin’s costume.  It’s obvious what it is.


Right?  You all looked at that and said, “Sweet Marshawn Pinch costume, Kevin!” 

Go ahead and groan.  He is the punch line to some joke that hasn’t yet been told. 

We went to a Halloween party and a friend of ours said, “Well, at least it trumps the last thing I saw him wearing,” which was this:


I went as myself, only I curled my hair and put on eyeliner for once and when people asked me what I was I told them I was dressed up as a supermodel. 


I added that usually I wear some kind of a costume for Halloween but everyone always guesses supermodel no matter what I’m wearing, so I decided to just go with it this year.

Next time I’m going to wear the same thing and say I’m going as Laziness.

Crisped brown rice with beef and eggs
Green beans in cider vinaigrette
”NemNem cookies”*

*Leo collected as many “nem-nems” as he could on Halloween night and as soon as he got home he gathered them all up and brought them to the kitchen, insisting we make “nem-nem cookies.” 


How could I say no?!

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