Pumpkin Farm Love

It was pumpkin farm weekend, which means I dusted off the ol’ camera and got to say a bunch of times, “Stop baring your teeth and just smile naturally, damn it!”

I have to say, they’re getting pretty good.




Well, two out of three ain’t bad.  Besides, I can always count on Leo’s “good side” to give me a winning shot.


There was a new feature at the farm this year: using old-fashioned water pumps to get a rubber duckie down a pipe.  The boys couldn’t get enough.




We got lost in the corn maze and every time we’d bump into another group we’d ask them, “We’ve gotten a bit lost…is it still Saturday?” (It was Sunday.) 


To pass some time I told the boys the story of Hansel and Gretel and apologized every few minutes for how much more inappropriate a story got as I told it, and I wasn’t even embellishing—just telling the story as it is.  It is an awful, horrid story of parents not loving their children, an old woman keeping one child as a slave and trying to eat the other one, and children ultimately burning an old lady to death.  Sleep tight, children!


I’ve got three boys and yet I still don’t have a full house? 


It doesn’t matter; it’s clear I’m not playing with a full deck.  You want me to keep going?  I will!  I can be such a card!  You like these jokes?  Awww, you’re making me flush.  Okay, I’ll stop now.  I don’t have any ace left in the hole.


This is where I go when someone tells me to go to my happy place.


Of course, Halloween isn’t just about treats, it’s also about tricks, and this was the worst one of the day:



Totally NOT restrooms.  All five of us went into separate outhouses and as the boys each got out they yelled, “I’m first!”  “I’m second!” and so on.  From inside mine I yelled, “I’m not going for speed…I’m going for quantity!”  Then I told them to come back in 10 minutes and we’ll see who’s first then.

I only took about 25% of the photo ops I could have, so even though some of these shots are nice all I keep thinking about are the other shots we could have gotten if only we hadn’t wasted so much time going through the corn maze and pumping water and riding tractors and flinging apples at targets and choosing our stinkin’ pumpkins.

But you know, life’s all about choices, ain’t it?




And in the end, I know we all made a good one.

Tofu and bok choy stir fry

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