Remodel Update

Hey guys!  I got a comment!  I got a comment!  Woo-hooooooo, I got a comment!  Wait—I got two comments!!!  I have to go check the calendar—is it my birthday?

Nope, not my birthday.  But one totally anonymous reader named ANDREA, who is probably famous and rich and clearly has amazing taste in blogs, asked for a remodel update. 

Well, the fans asketh and MrsMouthy giveths unto them.

The theme of this week is: Come to our place.  We have walls!




Two weeks ago, we went from bare stud walls to insulation and drywall in three days.  When people asked me how the remodel was going I said, “Great!  We’re cruising!  I heart remodels!”

The following week the walls got mudded on Monday and then the rest of the week was spent waiting for them to dry.  When people asked me how the remodel was going I said, “Terrible.  We’re never going to be finished.  Don’t ever remodel ANYTHING.”

This week’s plan is ambitious: painting the interior today, installing cabinets beginning tomorrow, installing front patio, starting on siding and shingling.  So this week is all yippeeeeeee!

This past week I bought this couch (but in charcoal)


Considered these rugs




Fell in love with these dining chairs:


And took lots of pictures of other people’s houses for inspiration while trying to make it look like I was just taking selfies of myself on the street outside their houses.


So I’m hot then I’m cold, I’m yes then I’m no, I’m in then I’m out, I’m up then I’m down,  and I’m pretty sure the police car circling the neighborhood I just walked through was probably called to the area on my behalf.  Also, I have started quoting Katy Perry songs on my blog.

I mean, I always knew I was a bit crazy but this remodel has turned me into a true psychopath.

Ribs in marinara sauce
Fig and walnut salad
Kitchen cupboard cookies

One thought on “Remodel Update

  1. Thank goodness for that anonymous reader!! It islooking pretty awesome, and things really do go at a quick pace once drywall is up. I can’t wait to hear about your decorating decisions as you get closer, you always do a great job 🙂

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