Kindergarten Mom

Okay, I thought it was going to be hard for Rocco to top his introduction of Kevin to his class, but yesterday he got to introduce me when I volunteered for the first time.  He at least matched the introduction he gave his dad when he stood up and told his classmates,

“This is my mom.  She is kind, loving, and patient.  She listens very well to everything you say.”

I am totally happy with that introduction.  It’s not funny, it’s not intimidating, but it did make me get all choked up, so it must have been good.

In other kindergarten news, Rocco brought home this page he made for a class book today:


Too bad his sense of irony isn’t fully developed yet.  This page would be so much better if it read I can SPELL, or maybe I can DRAW HAIR ON STICK FIGURES.

Still, the paper is a very good Charlie Brown moment in Rocco’s life, and it’s definitely a keeper.


Roasted fall vegetable pizza with ricotta and goat cheese
Cheese pizza
Tomato soup
Chocolate revel bars

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