Kindergarten Dad

Kevin volunteered in Rocco’s kindergarten classroom today.  He actually had to return home from work to change his clothes before going when he realized that what he was wearing might not be appropriate:


Of course, the kindergarteners can’t read yet and even if they could they would probably think this shirt has something to do with chocolate milk, but just to be safe Kevin changed.

When he got to the classroom Mrs. J asked Rocco to introduce the guest.  Rocco stood up and said,

“This is Kevin.  He could probably beat up everyone in this room.  All at the same time.”

Then he sat down.

Like, WOW.  Rocco is suddenly the most popular kid in class.  He calls his dad by his first name and his dad can beat up 20 kindergarteners at once!  Rocco might be the most popular kid in the school, even!

I’m going in to volunteer in Rocco’s classroom for my first time on Wednesday, and I better get a rock star introduction like that.

And if I don’t?  No biggie.  I’ll just  send Kevin in to get me what I want.

Fettuccini carbonara
Roasted asparagus

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