Surprise II

Vincenzo’s birthday surprise weekend was a blur of messy, spontaneous, random, jam-packed hilarity.  We were three adults and five boys sharing two bedrooms and one bathroom.  At one point during the weekend I began offering Milk Duds to any boy who would go in and smell-test the bathroom before I went into use it.  It was always smelly, which only encouraged all the others to go in and take a whiff as well, then come coughing out to retrieve their Milk Dud.  I usually avoid any kind of gender stereotypes, but I have just one word to use here: Boys!

We spent all day Friday at the zoo, from open to close, which I’ve always wanted to do with the kids but they’ve been too little or too tired or too whiny.  This time, though, they were still running, skipping, and singing all the way to the exit sign at 6PM.

Favorite zoo pics:

This one of a sleeping flamingo:


…this toothy grin:


…and this panda:


But my favorite pic(k) goes to this group:


Sunday was another all-day thing, this time at Legoland.  I made it through the whole day without hearing the “Everything is Awesome” song once…and yet it was still stuck in my head all day.  Go figure.


Despite the “bigness” of our weekend, my favorite moments were all the in-between ones, though.  The raucous car-rides where everyone was talking all at once, then somehow we’d all start in on a song together and by the end of the car ride there were as many versions of the songs as there were people in the car.

Realizing the hotel didn’t have a pool but it did have a small fountain, and telling each other we were going to go take a dip in the fountain. 

How we said the was sponsored by the numbers 7 and 11, as each morning we’d walk over to the 7-11 across the street to get some breakfast for our crew.


How that always ended up being the healthiest meal of the day.

How the boys sat on these bikes that weren’t really bikes outside the hotel and pretended to pedal furiously for a few minutes each time we left the hotel.


The restaurant we stopped at after a crazy day at the zoo that was even louder and crazier than the zoo had been, with the boys shooting balloon arrows from their balloon bows the balloon man had made them while they waited for their dinner. 


Once the balloon man left, the boys found other ways to entertain themselves:


(They clearly did not require any encouragement to stick things up their nostrils all weekend.)

How we ordered milkshakes for the boys and Leo became convinced it was his birthday, too, since he got a milkshake. 

How Vincenzo’s milkshake was delivered with a free birthday sundae, and how blissed out he looked going between one and the other with his spoon.


As much fun as we had with our dear friends in one of the nation’s happiest places, it was not hard to say goodbye and come home.  Three days of airport and theme park food, of non-stop noise and stimulation, of two-minute showers and missed naps, and we were ready to come home.  Ready to leave our friends?  Never.  Ready to come home?  Yes.

And so I will sign off for the night, leaving you with the quote of the weekend, which came from Rocco at Legoland. “That roller coaster went so fast my p**** almost fell off!”



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