Surprise, Vincenzo!

It’s Vincenzo’s tenth birthday today.  Ten!  I have been a mom for an entire decade now.  Ten seemed like a pretty big number to me so we decided to go big on his present, which was a total surprise to him and his brothers and which he got last Thursday—well, technically, he received his present from Thursday to Sunday, as I’ll explain.

Last Thursday morning Vincenzo woke up and went to the breakfast table, only instead of breakfast he found a new sports bag (his birthday present from us) with happy early birthday messages on it and a note saying he was not going to school today; look inside the bag for a clue.  The clue:


He guessed that we were taking him to the Museum of Flight.  Ha!  Amateur guess.  Since the paper airplane was packaged in a Tupperware, we may have ran with that idea and also hinted that there was a possibility he was going to a Tupperware party at the Museum of Flight.  He smiled politely, afraid of hurting our feelings with a look of disappointment in case we were serious.

After breakfast Vincenzo got his second clue:


I am not joking when I tell you that his second guess was that we were going to the library, since this was a library book.  He had also looked further into the sports bag by now and seen three pairs of underwear packed, so it would have been four days and three nights at a library.  While that was a rather shabby guess, it’s actually not a bad idea for this book lover of mine…I’ll have to keep it in mind for next year.

The third clue he got in the car, en route to wherever it was we were going.


He had refined his earlier answers and pretty much knew we were going to take a plane by now, so he said, “Are we going to Legoland in California?”  We kept being mysterious about it and reminded him that library starts with “L,” too.  I think he was onto us by then, though.

The fourth clue was on my phone, and he got to see it standing in line at the airport: a video of two of his best friends (brothers), saying, “We’ll see you soon, Vincenzo!”

Now, Vincenzo is not a freak-out kind of kid, so he did not freak out, but he did grin very widely standing in line there, and to me that grin sounded like him screaming to the whole airport, “I’M GOING TO LEGOLAND WITH MY BEST FRIEND, NOAH, EVERYBODY!”  It was a very electrified moment, in a calm, cool, and collected way. 

I’ll write more about our San Diego adventure tomorrow.  I’ve got to stretch this entry out over two posts to make up for not blogging last week.  In the meantime, try not to let the anticipation kill you.

Coffee encrusted beef tenderloin
Hasselhoff Potatoes
Something green my MIL is bringing
Super moist apple cake (also from MIL)

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