Oh hi!  You’ve been wondering how our house remodel is going?  We started it a month ago, and I know it’s crazy but we finished two months early!  It’s done!  Come on in and have a look!


We wanted our entryway to have a breezy feel, so we just left the transom open, without glass.  The air is nice, no?

You can stick your shoes in the new shoe cubby over here…kind of rustic, kind of Restoration Hardware, you know.


Come!  Come! Warm yourselves by the new gas fireplace!  It has an industrial feel to it—we really wanted to show off the beautiful pipe work.


Take a second to admire the ceiling work—we were inspired by the stamped tin ceilings, kind of a Victorian feel.  Gosh, I hope we didn’t mix too many different styles together in one house.


Now, we did something kind of different in the kitchen and installed a gorgeous set of invisible cabinets, and we splurged and got the matching invisible appliances to go with them.  Some would say it’s over the top, but we’re quite happy with it all.  Careful—don’t bump yourself on the invisible island!


Please, sit down!  The insulation is really quite comfortable and a much more green solution than buying a new couch.  Reduce, reuse, recycle!  The bathroom is just beyond the very modern black tarp door, if you need it.


What?  Leaving so soon?  Okay, but don’t forget to check out the exterior of the house on your way out, dazzling in a layer of primo plywood siding.  It is really a unique way to finish the house, and we are proud to say ours is the only one on the block with such a façade.


Okay, bye now.  Do mind the five-foot drop on the way out!

Thanks for stopping by, and please do come again!

Whatever’s cookin’ at the school BBQ

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