Go Fish

We went to the fair yesterday and Vincenzo hit it big at the games.

Yes, he won a sixteen-cent prize that he instantly named King Bob, as if he had been holding onto that name for just the right moment when he would win a sixteen-cent goldfish at a fair.

Of course, by the time we got home from the fair Leo had fallen asleep and he really needed a nap, and by the time I got him in bed we had already used up one of the four hours we had before King Bob needed to get into a bigger bowl, according to the plastic bag it was in. Fortunately, Grandma showed up to take the boys to PetCo to save the day and to save a life. King Bob’s life.

$100.16* later and…

(The extra $.16 was for a second goldfish, Rocco’s, named Lightning Fast.)

We put the fish in the tank together and watched them attempt to eat all the bubbles off the tank walls while pieces of fish food fell unnoticed behind them.

Can you predict what the first comment was and who made it? It was Rocco, at the 15-second mark, with, “My fish is bigger than your fish, Vincenzo.”

And now here it is, the first day of school, and I don’t have any back-to-school pictures of the boys to show you because I spent all morning taking pictures of goldfish. Well then, here are Lightning and King Bob on Vincenzo and Rocco’s first day of school.

Spaghetti & meatballs
French bread
Chocolate chocolate chip cookies

*Thank you again, Grandma, for Vincenzo’s birthday present!

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