Oh Forget It

Okay, guys I goofed.  You know that one post I wrote about Grammy forgetting things at our house?  Well the other day I drove off from my brother’s house without my laptop and didn’t realize it until we were on the ferry, so my parents saved me by picking it up and bringing it home for me…but their kindness came at a price.  My mom told me that, in exchange for her charity, I must now write a blog about my absent-mindedness and give her a public apology for making fun of her.

I’m not very good at this…I don’t have much experience with apologies because I really just never have anything to apologize for, but I will do my best.

My first instinct was to be sarcastic and write about some things from my past that I’ve forgotten, or at least tried to forget–like the time my mom left me at school and drove my siblings halfway home before remembering I was still sitting there on the playground, all alone and abandoned, like the blue Camry she would one day leave abandoned at my house, thirty years down the road.  Or the time my parents let me ride home in our VW van with the door open, me sitting on the edge of it there with my legs dangling over the edge, and then I fell out and slid a good distance down the road and broke my arm in two places.  Oh, how I have tried to forget that. 

But no, no, that is mean-spirited of me and unfair, and so I will go ahead and make a list now of all the things that I have forgotten at other people’s houses over the course of my life.

1.  My laptop, at my brother’s house
2.  …
3.  ??

Gosh, all I can remember forgetting is that darn laptop.  You’re right, Mom, I really am absent-minded.  It’s even worse than I originally thought.  Wow, this is bad.  I mean, surely there has to be something else I’ve forgotten, right?

Now what else was it I was supposed to do in this blog post?  Write about my own absent-mindedness and…what else?

Oh well.  I’m sure it will come back to me sometime.

Well, thanks anyway for bringing me this laptop, Mom, so I could write this blog post for you and we can be all squared away on the whole absent-minded business.

I think there’s an expression people use in times like this.  “The apple doesn’t fall far…”

Oh shoot, there I go forgetting again.  Mom, perhaps you can remind me how that saying ends?

Biscuits & gravy
Strawberry jell-o pie

4 thoughts on “Oh Forget It

  1. You could write a blog about all the times you lost your glasses, credit card, and debit card….you must have ABSENTMINDEDLY left them somewhere.

  2. Or how about that time you called mom and dad and told them your house was on fire so they rushed over as quickly as possible only to find you serenely pulling weeds in your front yard because the house hadn’t actually been on fire but really just a patch of grass was and the fire department had already come and put it out and left but you forgot to call them back and let them know this important bit of information?

  3. Or perhaps a blog about Kevin’s forgetfulness? After all, I clearly heard you tell him as you brought your laptop inside, “don’t let me forget this!” 🙂

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