Vacation Staycation

Today was supposed to be the day we leave for our family vacation to Chelan where we rent a house and all siblings, their families, and my parents stay for a week.  Instead, I woke up to e-mails from everyone about wildfires in Chelan, questioning the safety of the drive.

It was a, “Huh.  Well…” kind of feeling.  A few phone calls, a little on-line research, and a mutual decision to delay our vacation for a day or so (or possibly cancel it, the way things went in Chelan today).  We tempered our disappointment with a trip to the zoo, and while the rest of this blog has nothing to do with Chelan or the zoo, somehow it also has everything to do with Chelan or the zoo.  Please note, code names are used in the following text.

10:30, en route to zoo; Shell accidentally sends a message to the whole group of us asking Mom to give The Boxer a  sewing machine part she needs.

10:33AM, en route to zoo: Kevin sends group texting stating, “Make sure to keep us all updated on the sewing machine parts whereabouts.  Like which pocket it is being carried in and when it crosses any county lines.”

10:37-10:44AM, en route to zoo: messages about the sewing machine part’s location exchanged.  Some seem questionable in their integrity.

10:38AM: It is suggested that Kevin be left in the car.

10:41AM: Kevin hopes he does get left in the car so he can nap.

11:08AM: The Boxer asks if she can nap with Kevin in the car. 

11:09AM: I accuse The Boxer of trying to sleep with my husband.

11:12-11:39AM: The Boxer sends out two texts that go unanswered.

11:40AM: The Boxer grows anxious and texts, “If we don’t hear from someone soon the sewing part cannot be kept secure.”

12:20PM at zoo:
The sewing machine part is successfully exchanged.


11:45AM to 5:15PM: A jolly good time is had at the zoo, though we just went from play area to play area, so the only animals we really saw were a bunch of young primates in their natural habitat:


5:15PM: The zoo trip officially ends and everyone heads home

6:42PM: Group message from BIL: “I have the sewing machine part.  Mhhaahhhaa”

To be continued???

Fettuccini carbonara
Cotton candy grapes
Veggies and hummus
Ice cream for anyone awake past 9, except Leo, who really should not be awake right now


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