The Kids Are Being Quiet…

…so I’ll take a couple minutes to dump a bunch of pictures here, from the Fourth.

Killing time before the parade:


From the parade…seems legit:


The Seafair Pirates:


I personally felt they would be more believable if they ran around stealing all the kids’ stashes of parade candy.


I sent Kevin to the store to buy some goggles for the kids.  Now my kids look like this at the beach…


…and Kevin’s shopping privileges have been revoked.

Killing time before the fireworks show:


Killing more time before the fireworks show (it doesn’t get dark here until 10PM):


The unphotoshopped version of that last pic:


Me and my boo:


One for the scrapbooks:


Catch y’all later!

French dip sandwiches
Salad with apples, pecans, and blue cheese
Bull’s eye cheesecake

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