Sunblock, Funblock

It’s day 12 of summer vacation and all our play dough has gone missing.  There are empty canisters strewn everywhere.

Also, I have discovered I really like packing.  I like it a stupid amount! I love finding something that I never use and watching the bags to give to Goodwill fill up.  I like taking a bunch of mismatched junk, wrapping it in paper, sticking it in a box, and in the end having a perfect cube of kitchen stuff, neatly labeled and stacked.  Wall-E, I get you!  I like knowing that every box I pack now is going to make it easier to move once we get the green light from our GC.

But that’s not what I really want to blog about today.  What I really want to blog about today is putting sunblock on kids.  I’ve written you a user’s guide with nine easy, illustrated steps.

Step one: Summon optimism


Step two: Look behind you


Step three: Get rid of the scrunch

(I am not talented enough to draw this—all my attempts looked like racist renditions of Native Americans–but it involves Rocco scrunching up his face so tightly that I can’t put the sunblock on it.)

Step four: Grow extendable arms


Optional: Wonder how your child ends up facing away from you every.single.time.

Step five: Reach extendable arms downward


(I didn’t mean to make Rocco look like a perv down there, but I am really crappy at drawing.  He’s probably just looking at some crumbs on the floor or something.)

Step seven: Brace yourself for whining, tell your kid no he can’t just stay inside all day, and also: skin cancer.

*Picture not available.  Just run your fingers down a chalkboard for a simulation.

Step eight: Oops!


Step nine: Gain a new understanding of artwork


I mean, I guess it’s better than a few years back when all six steps involved either me, my child, or both of us crying.

And now I have managed to spend my morning drawing pictures on and taking photos of sticky notes.

Oh well.  At least I didn’t spend my morning looking at pictures of sticky notes that someone else took photos of.


Quinoa with black beans, corn, cilantro, lime, tomatoes, and avocado
Fresh fruit

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