Stop it, Summer!

Every year I am excited for summer to come to give us a break from the rat race of the school year.  Then summer hits and I am knocked off my feet because somehow it makes the school year seem like a leisurely walk around the block compared to summer’s pace.  I mean, holy popsicle sticks, Batman!  Somebody needs to do something.

The day starts like this:

Me: Okay, boys, we have a much more relaxing day today.  All we have is swim lessons at 12 and speech therapy at 2.
Leo: Your phone just went “bing bing,” Mom.

I go to my phone and find a message from Vincenzo’s friend’s mom asking for a play date.  As I’m texting back, another bing bing and another, “Your phone just went ‘bing bing,’ Mom.”  It’s another playdate request.  I start to respond to that one when, bing bing…and so on.

My phone then goes “bing bing” all day long as Vincenzo and Rocco get invited to the pool, to people’s houses, to the beach, to the park, to a different pool, to sleepovers, to other people’s houses.  I spend my day texting back that we can come, or we can’t come but maybe the other kid could come here, or we can’t come now but we can come at 3:15, or we can’t come but maybe your kid could meet us at this other kid’s house, or not today but maybe Wednesday, and somehow no matter how I work it, I end up with eight kids sleeping in the basement that night.

I have to admit, I love it…but it is also driving me insane.

Each morning starts with me cleaning up last night’s dishes that didn’t fit in the dishwasher, making breakfast, cleaning up breakfast, making lunches, filling up water bottles and packing backpacks for our day out, lathering sunblock on kids, packing swimsuits and towels, loading stuff and kids in the car, and texting the boys’ friends’ moms.

Each evening ends with me cleaning up the day’s dishes, cleaning and putting away the lunch containers, emptying waterbottles, emptying backpacks, showering the kids to get the sunblock off, hanging swimsuits and towels to dry, unloading the car, and texting the boys’ friends’ moms.

I told Vincenzo I feel like his personal secretary this summer, and then I asked him if I could have a day off.  But before he could answer…bing bing!

It is a fun, frantic, laughter-filled, busy, exhausting summer…and honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Here’s hoping I have a tight enough grip to hang on until September!

Heading to the boys’ friends’ house for dinner—I’m bringing a strawberry raspberry Jell-o pie.

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