Have I mentioned yet that we’ve been planning a remodel of our upstairs/foyer all year?  I’ve been calling it the remodel-that-will-never-happen because the planning process has taken forever.  It actually started two years ago when we met with an architect we liked who talked us out of starting right then because Leo was still so little, and then we went to hire him a year later but he couldn’t take the job, but then he could take the job, and by then it was December and that put our project four months behind before it even started. 

The good thing about the process being slow is that we have had lots of time to choose appliances, cabinets, hardware, lighting, tile, etc., then find better options and rechoose appliances, cabinets, hardware, lighting, tile, etc., then find other options and still think that our choices are the best ones for us.

Still, I have been a bit of a pessimist for the past twelve months.

I told Kevin the other day that we’ve pretty much done all the planning and all I really want to do now is catch up on scrapbooking since I won’t be able to keep up with it during the remodeling.  On Monday, I finished my last scrapbook page then went upstairs to sit on the couch and wait for something else to come up, and ten minutes later…ding dong!  It was our general contractor, saying it is time to start moving out.  Seriously!  I am not exaggerating for the sake of my blog—it happened just like that!

In an instant, the twelve months we spent planning designing and picking out in order for me to not be stressed out at the last minute meant nothing.  Insta-stress set in.  Fortunately the stress is tempered with a good dose of excitement plus the a large delivery of subway tile and hardwood flooring, so I don’t mind it.

Kevin made a run to the hardware store last night for some packing boxes and came back with four medium boxes plus five small ones.  It was friggin’ adorable–like when my three-year-old tries to fill up the swimming pool with a sippy cup.  I filled those boxes up before he even had time to plug his car in and then unplug it to run back to the store for more boxes.

Anyway, my blog is probably going to be spotty at best this summer.  There may be a lot of pictures with no explanations.  I may just copy and paste the same one about me being too busy to blog over and over again.  I may accidentally pack my computer in “END OF HALLWAY CUPBOARD” box and not be able to blog until October.

But then, I’ve been known to be a pessimist before.

Oh dear Lord, we still have to eat?!

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