We had a McStreamy over for dinner tonight and I started talking about how busy I am lately. 

Take tomorrow, I told her.  I wake the boys up early to go to speech at 8, then drop Vincenzo off at school, then bring the younger two back home where my parents will meet us.  They’ll take the boys to their weekly park play date with friends while I go get a massage.  Then I come home, gather the boys up again, say goodbye to my parents, and take Rocco and Leo to their speech appointment.  From there we pick up the babysitter so he can watch the younger guys while I go for a run and also somehow pick up Vincenzo from a birthday party he’s going to after school.  Then I’ve got to get dinner on the table for the family early because they go to martial arts while I am meet up with some of the other moms at a restaurant.

I should mention that McStreamy works full time and has a child in daycare and doesn’t have any grandparents within driving distance for babysitting, and by the time I finished talking, I had crawled under the table to gnaw on my foot in shame. 

I came back out  explaining that the massage wasn’t just for the fun of it…it’s to break up scar tissue in my leg and it hurts and I usually end up bruised from it.  I tried to explain that I might not even get to run tomorrow because I might be so tired I need to take a nap instead.  I told her that I didn’t really want to go out with the girls, but I haven’t had time for ME for the past five years and…

As you can see, I had run out of foot to shove in my mouth by then so I just put my head down on the table and laughed and laughed at myself and my massage-filled, babysitter-laden, friend-meeting life.

And lucky for me, McStreamy is the kind of friend who could just throw her head back and laugh and laugh with me.

At least, I think she was laughing with me. 

Frankly, I was just too busy to notice.

Miso chicken
Teriyaki chicken
Fresh fruit
Strawberry shortcakes

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