Happy Tuesday!

I just realized I never posted pictures from our train trip to Oregon…which is great because I can’t think of a single thing to blog about today.  So here.  Have these.

The best part of our trip was the first four hours and the final four hours of our trip—that’s the part we spent on the train.  I don’t know what it is about buying special snacks and activity books for the trip and then seeing my kids eat their special snacks and do their activity books that makes me so happy, but it does.  I was happy.


We found a caged in park in the middle of the city.  The kids didn’t even notice the lack of wood chips, though how I don’t know.


My boys played together for a good hour and, crazy enough, no one got bit!



Voo Doo donut line-up:


I think they put too much voo doo in Rocco’s donut:


I was proud of my lion pic from the zoo (Get it?  proud…pride…lions…oh never mind.)


But for some reason I liked this picture even better than my lion pic.


Lovers…or brothers?  It’s hard to tell.


These guys were tired.


So was this guy.


More trains, this time of the inner-city sort:


FYI, child labor laws do not apply at the Portland Children’s Museum:


The kids spent way too much time playing with a pile of bikes on a street corner:


Can’t get enough of dem trains:


Some people plan their trips according to where the best golf course is.  We plan them by book stores:


Train station time again:


And that’s a wrap!  We’re back where we started.


There were no Disney princeses, no theme parks, no rides, no water slides, no airplane ride, no tropical beaches, not even a swimming pool.  Someday we will go on a vacation that has one or more of those things in it but for now, this is the perfect kind of vacation for us. 

Mexican corn cakes with pulled pork
Brown rice

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