Leo, sitting at the table, asked the following question:

“Can I have some grobs?”
”What are grobs?” we asked.
”Grobs!” he said.
“Crabs?” we asked.
”No, grobs.”
”No, GROBS!” His voice was growing desperate.
”Grabs?  Cobs?”
”GROBS!   I want grobs!  Grobs!”  By now it was angry screaming, with despair, frustration, and hatred mixed in.  In case we didn’t get that, he added, “I am very angry at you!”

We told him we were sorry, but we were all out of grobs.  We would try to get some tomorrow.  We told him maybe he would like to have some crackers instead.

Raging at us and the world, he opened the cracker drawer, stamping his feet and crying, and then suddenly he cheered up and said in the most chipper voice ever, “Oh look, we do have grobs!”  And he happily brought them to the table and started eating, like he was the normal one and the rest of us were all a bunch of senseless psychopaths.

So just for future reference:




(Extra spaces added for suspense)






Fish tacos
Cumin black beans with feta
Lemon cake pops

*Not an actual thing.  I’m just trying to predict what Leo might ask for next.

2 thoughts on “Grobs

  1. I miss you. Been a long time, I know (Momma Trish from Pandora’s Ethernet Connection). Been going through a period of pronounced clinical depression, and trying to get back. I hope things are going well for you. ❤

  2. Trish!! I still think of you miss you too! I miss the days when it felt like I had a group of blogging friends to commiserate and laugh with. It feels like I’m the last blogger still typing away. E-mail me if you’d like to unload anything. I have struggled with depression several times in my life and it is such a paralyzing state to be in. Please know that even though it is a lonely place to be there are lots of us who have also been there and can understand. ❤

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