And to Think that I Saw It…

The kids are on a roll today.  I caught Rocco heading out for school like this today:


I’ll give you one guess about what’s rolled up in his shirt.  (Hint: It starts with a “T.”)

2. I went downstairs to craft a bit and discovered this card in the kids’ crafting area:


3.  And also this one:


(On the inside was written “From Leo to Rocco” in Kevin’s handwriting.)

4.   I peeked in on Leo during nap, since he was making a lot of noise in there.  I found him like this:


The Prince and the Pea.

5.  Leo came out of his room a few minutes later telling me he had found a nose Lego.  “Nose Lego?” I asked.


Yep.  Nose Lego.

(Not to worry—Right after the picture I gave Leo a long, serious talk about not sticking things up his nose.  Except fingers, of course.)

Crock pot chili with Fritos
Fruits and veggies

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