My boys “love” each other so much

Rocco and Leo were screaming downstairs so I called them up.  Two angry, tear-stained faces appeared at the top of the stairs.

Me: Rocco, tell me what happened.
R: I asked Leo if he wanted to play with me and he started screaming.
Mom: M-hm…and did you do or say anything else?
R: He was screaming, so I asked if he needed a hug, and he hit me.
Me: Leo, now you tell me what happened.

Maybe it was just me, but something seemed a little fishy about Rocco’s story, so I gave them both time outs. 

Since then, however, I have noticed Leo “Eddie Haskel” Nardo  run up to Rocco and hit him, spontaneously kick him, and smash his train set into oblivion wile Rocco pled, “Please don’t, Leo!  I worked hard on that!”  I have also bandaged Rocco’s bloody arm after Leo bit him for, Rocco said, “absolutely no reason,” and you know?  I’m starting to believe Rocco’s story.

On the other side of things, now Rocco has realized that he can send his baby brother into a fit of rage by offering to help Leo put on his helmet or by saying, “I love you, Leo.”  Not only does Leo start screaming, but Rocco gets hugged and praised by me for sharing messages of love and kindness with his baby brother.

It’s a tough position I’m in.  Leo falls off his bike and cries a bit.  Rocco says, “Are you okay, Leo?  Do you need a hug?”  Leo goes ballistic. 

What am I supposed to do?  Tell Rocco, “No, Rocco.  In this family we don’t talk to each other that way!”

Sigh.  I guess this, too, shall pass.  It’s just that this one is passing like a kidney stone.

Slow cooker marinara
Fresh linguini
Roasted asparagus
Steamed broccoli

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