More on Rocco

I’ve got enough on this kid lately that I might declare this Rocco Week—much like Shark Week if you replace all the blood with questions.

So I peeked in the bathroom the other night to see Rocco and Leo kneeling on the toilet seat (lid closed), peering into the tank of the toilet as it refilled.  Rocco was explaining to Leo how it worked. 

This might not seem all that amazing except that I have never explained this to Rocco; Kevin has never explained it to Rocco; no one has ever explained toilets to Rocco.  He just was sitting there going potty and a question about toilets popped into his head and he decided to figure it out himself.  Then he needed to drop this knowledge on his little bro.

The rest of the evening was punctuated by the sounds of all three toilets in our house being flushed, investigated, and explained to anyone who poked their head into the various bathrooms.

I never thought that the FFSSSHHH  of a toilet flushing would make me so proud.  But it did.

Salad (my usual)

2 thoughts on “More on Rocco

  1. I have to admit that the first time I read this, my brain saw “peering” as “peeing.” I got to the bottom and wondered why you were so proud. Ahh, the difference a letter can make.

  2. Kristen, that would have made a much better blog post. Thanks for making me smile!

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