It’s 9:24AM

So far today I…

…spilled last night’s dinner all down my outfit when I tried to take it out to the trash.

…got a peacock feather dipped into my breakfast by one of my sons.

…got jabbed in the eye with the hard end of a peacock feather by another son.

…got busted for blowing bubbles in waiting room.

…dumped onto the kitchen floor a bag of poop and wet wipes that I didn’t know my husband had left there (surprise!).

…broke up 8 screaming matches that occurred during a game of I Spy (which I loathe even more with each day that passes).

…got screamed at for pouring the wrong kind of cereal, for not helping take someone’s pants off soon enough, for saying “It’s time to read books,” for ending 8 games of I Spy, for going to the bathroom, and for just having the nerve to exist in the presence of my sons.

I just want to go back to bed.

Again our schedule does not allow for dinner.

Stop the ride…I want to get off!

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